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Benchmarking to improve performance

Business Benchmarking

Is your business in good shape?

Every business faces competition. But unlike football teams, in business you don’t have the luxury of league tables to tell you how you are performing against your rivals. So you are not quite sure if you are a Champions League contender or in the relegation battle. Benchmarking takes an objective look at your business and compares you against other similar sized companies in your market sector.


The resulting report identifies your strengths, weaknesses and provides an objective view of your performance based on real measures. The resulting information is analysed by a skilled consultant (who has carried out in excess of 300 benchmarks) to identify the route causes of any weaknesses and their effects on other parts of the business. The report and consultation will explore the cause and effect analysis and help you to define an action plan to achieve improvements.


The Benchmark tool is a focused strategic planning tool that provides you with a holistic view of your business performance helping you to understand the drivers behind movement (up and down) of business results. These drivers fall into four categories based around the Balanced Scorecard:-

The Balanced Scorecard

Without specific knowledge of these drivers and how they affect the business, your organisation might spend much time, money and effort and achieve very little.


The benchmarking process is the perfect tool to help develop a strategic
plan for the future – contact us to find out more.


“Benchmarking has proved to be one of the most powerful and
valuable business development tools for many years”

Cranfield School of Management


The Benchmark Index is a great way to start a business improvement programme and was adopted by a company in the forestry sector. The process gave an objective view of the company’s strengths and weaknesses as compared with their peers and helped in setting objective targets for improvement. The process was coupled with an ongoing monthly mentoring session to support the implementation phase of the project.
The benchmark process was repeated 2 years later and the profits had increased 4 fold on the back of a similar turnover.


“The Benchmark exercise provided a basis for examining our existing business. Your assistance in analysing our product range, business sectors and competitors enabled us to decide which products should be promoted and which ones should be retired. Following on from this study, we shall launch a new generation of products early in 2008. Due to the nature of the Company, this was not something that would have evolved naturally, it needed an outsider as a catalyst so that the ideas and beliefs could be realised.
We look forward to continuing the good work with you in the future.”
David Dalton
Managing Director, Afriso Eurogauge


“Graham has carried out over 300 benchmark reviews in the last 4 years on behalf of Business Link Sussex. Customer feedback indicates a very high level appreciation of his insight as well as his ability to identify linkages between problem areas and action needed to improve business performance.
Graham has delivered Master Class Training for the DTI Benchmarking Tool throughout the UK, delivered a keynote speech at a National Seminar on Benchmarking and written a number of articles on Benchmarking Techniques for specialist Newsletters.”
David Ripley
Business Development & Networks Manager,
Business Link Sussex


“Graham is an Associate of Winning Moves and has championed the Benchmark Index and its economic benefits for many years. He has a wealth of experience in business improvement techniques and is a reliable Associate, guaranteed to deliver positive results.”
Zoe Wallis
Product Champion, Winning Moves